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SCARLEAN / 2 days more to vote for SCARLEAN!

We are still on the run for the Hellfest Voice of Hell this year and we need your vote my friends ! There is only 2 more days to push it to the limit!

Go to : from the 17th to the 20th of June and vote for SCARLEAN ! To find easily our widget, just type F3 on your keyboard, scarlean, and a simple click to vote !

Vote for scarlean here :
Hellfest from home :

We hope to have your help my friends! We need you to play a stage at the HellFest in 2022 ! Thank you so much for all your vote! Like, Share and bring us there! #wearescalean #wearethealternative #hellfestfromhome #hellfest #thevoicefromhell #scarlean

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