"Soulmates » is a must have. There is so much creative treasure you can discover each time you listen to it. If you are open minded and ready for a deep and emotive travel, this album is for you.

Hard Force


Following up a first critically acclaimed album, SCARLEAN unveils their new album SOULMATES, that has been charged with powerful, original and emotionally charged songs. Thanks to their brand new line-up, SCARLEAN have been constantly renewing their musical universe. Ranging from rock, alternative metal tinted with electro and groovy music, their style is limitless and these 5 musicians literally break down the codes.

Often nicknamed the French ''Perfect circle'', they are often compared to KORN, FAITH NO MORE, ALICE IN CHAIN, DISTURBED… A strong identity and influences.

This new album offers many surprises such as a fantastic musical collaboration with the incredible singer Anneke Van GIERSBERGEN (THE GATHERING, VUUR, DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT, ANATHEMA, AMORPHIS… ).Eric LEBAILLY (ADAGIO, BERTIGNAC, STUART HAMM...) the drummer has brought in all of his talent and experience. Having experienced a musical scene together with MASS HYTERIA, BUKOWSKI, L’ESPRIT DU CLAN, ERIC13, DISCONNECTED, NO ONE IS INNOCENT, SMASH IT COMBO, SHAARGHOT...

SCARLEAN is taking off and is ready to conquer every other stage for it is on stage that SCARLEAN unleashes all of its powerful, emotional and surprising potential.